Airport →Margao →Kadamba →Agonda From the airport

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During a short getaway to Langalawi

I stayed at a beautiful hostel , which was highly recommended by various travel forums.

Located on Sungai Chenang (Chenang River)

Tubotel provides breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset.
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Posted in , , Tagged Agonda, , Beaches Of Goa, , Goa Beaches, , , , Paloem Beach, Patnem Beach, , , , Summer In Goa, Tourism In Goa 9 Comments South Goa is replete with stunning beaches.
Notwithstanding scorching summer (April last week), I decided to explore it in order to avoid huge rush during tourist season.

And the decision was worth taking.  Let’s start with Agonda beach

which I made my base.
From here, I traveled to nearby places.

Agonda beach is pure and pristine

Wake up in the morning, take a stroll and soak up the vibe.
This beach has everything to im press you.
Moreover, one can also enjoy water sports like surfing.
I used to wake up early morning to enjoy the sunrise.
There were just a handful of people around me.
So the whole beach was just for me.
Listening to ocean waves early morning is an incredible experience that cannot be described in words.
I used to sit in a secluded place and gaze endlessly at the sky and ocean.
From Agonda, I traveled towards Paloem beach, probably the most famous beach of South Goa.
It is bit touristy and you will find a lot of people even during the off season.
Still the beach left me breathless with im press ive white sand dunes.

I did not stay there for long as I had to explore another beach – Patnem

Certainly, I found tranquility here.
Walk along the beaches, take some photographs , grab a beer and enjoy the views.
All the above mentioned places are lined up with numerous bars, shacks and restaurants .
How did I reach Agonda.
Airport →Margao →Kadamba →Agonda From the airport, I took a bus for Margao.
From Margao, I boarded a bus for Kadamba.
And from Kadamba, I reached Agonda via bus.
I used public transport extensively.
I had a memorable experience as I spent quality time on the beaches without facing any major problem.

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