Cape Town and Shark Cage Diving Package

For those wishing to enjoy travel on a budget, the beautiful country of South Africa has endless activities and tours on offer.
A rich diversity in culture and landscape makes South Africa one of the top destination s in southern Africa for tourism.
With its beautiful mountain landscapes, vast deserts, white sandy beaches, and an abundance of game reserves and National Park s, South Africa truly has something on offer for everyone.
Cape Town.
This spectacular city is considered one of the top tourist spots in the world.

With a multitude of adventures to be had within Cape Town

as well as being the major starting point for most overland trips and budget safaris.
The attractions include hiking up Table Mountain or partaking in one of the many adventure tours like skydiving, sandboarding or even Great White Shark diving.
Also famous for its wine regions.

Cape Town is a great place to do a wine tour through scenic Constantia

Stellenbosch or Paarl.
The Garden Route , Wild Coast and St Lucia.
Situated along the coast between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth you will find the famous Garden Route .
We offer a host of Adventure Tours and Safaris along this route to suite every kind of traveller.
A little further north, the region that runs from East London all the way up to Durban is known as the Wild Coast.
Boasting kilometres of unspoiled beaches, this coastline is not as built-up as the Garden Route, .

And offers a unique and more isolated South African adventure

St Lucia, located just above Durban, is an amazing hub for both land and aquatic safaris.
The warm Indian Ocean water means exceptional diving and snorkelling is available, for those keen to see the Big Five of the ocean and other sea life.
Drakensberg and Kruger National Park.
From the busy city of Durban you are easily able to access the Drakensberg Mountain Range, which runs from the centre of South Africa, through Lesotho, and right up to the Kruger National Park.
The highest peaks are found bordering the country of Lesotho.
Further north you will find the cultural hub of Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa.
To the east of Joburg in the Limpopo Province, and forming the border between South Africa and Mozambique, you will find the mighty Kruger National Park.
This massive park is one of the largest in Africa, roughly the size of the country of Wales or the State of New Jersey.
It boasts a huge array and concentration of animals, including all of the Big Five, and is the perfect place to go on an cheap African safari, as well as a popular stop-off on a cross-country African overland trip.
A country offering amazing landscapes, adrenaline-filled adventures, exciting game drives, and diverse, friendly cultures – What more could you ask for.
Browse through our related tours below or explore specific regions to find tours and safaris going through South Africa.
A city with so much to offer in terms of culture, mountains, beaches, adventure tours, restaurants, and beautiful scenic landscapes.

Cape Town truly has something to offer everyone

Read more to see what day tours or adventure activities we have on offer.
Read more about the largest mountain range in South Africa and the overland or adventure tours we have going to see this majestic mountain range.
Warm waters, white sandy beaches, rich cultural histories and amazing cuisine.
Durban has a little bit of everything and is a good place to start a budget safari or overland adventure.

Stretching around 300km along South Africa’s East Coast

the garden route has rich vegetation and beautiful vistas all along the many towns it passes through.
Read more for great adventure tours or overland travel along this world renowned stretch of land.
The largest city in South Africa and the perfect gateway to start on one of our budget safaris or overland adventure.

The flagship of South African National Parks

Kruger boasts an abundance of wildlife including all of the big 5.
No budget safari or overland bucket list is complete without ticking off this mighty reserve.
The West Coast of South Africa.

Stretching from Cape Town to the border of Namibia

offers a rich diversity in landscapes and vegetation.
Whale and Wine Tour.
R 975.
8 Day Garden Route Adventure Tour.
R 16250.
Two Day West Coast Adventure.
Cape Town Urban Tour.
R 1040.
4 Day Soweto And Joburg Tour.

4 Day Best of Garden Route Tour

R 6700.
3 Day Kruger & Panorama Route Classic Safari.
R 9250.
4 Day Kruger & Panorama Route Classic Safari.
R 12800.
3 Day Pilansberg Camping Safari.
R 4200.
5 Day Best of Garden Route and Addo.
R 7100.
3 Day Safari and Garden Route.
R 4500.
2 Day Whale and Wine Tour.
7 day Garden Route and Wine Tour.
R 9800.
Volunteer at St.
George’s Home for Girls.
R 13350.
Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital- Daily Play Sessions.
R 5300.
Volunteer at Fikelela Children’s Home.
R 16650.
Volunteer at a Lion Sanctuary.
R 5900.

5 Day Best of Garden Route Tour (One Way)

R 8200.
Volunteer at a Big Cat Sanctuary.
R 15750.
Volunteer at a Homeless Feeding Programme.
R 5700.
Volunteer with Great White Sharks & Marine Conservation.
R 17400.
Cape Point With a Difference.
Soweto township Tour & Apartheid Museum visit.
Cape Town and Shark Cage Diving Package.
R 4600.

Cape Town and Whale Watching Package

R 3750.
Introduction to Cape Town package.
R 2200.

Cape Town Backpackers Blitz Package

R 3300.
The Best of Cape Town Package.
R 4330.
Artisan Food Tour.
R 1100.
6 Day Best of Garden Route Tour (Return).
R 8600.
Township and Robben Island Combo Tour.
R 1150.
Township and Soccer Tour.
R 748.
Table Mountain Abseiling.
Surf Lessons.
R 540.
Sky Diving.
R 2850.
Shark Cage Diving.
R 2430.
Seal Snorkelling.
Full Day Wine Tour.
R 1075.
Cape Town Day Safari.
R 1950.
Cape Point with Bicycles.
Boat Based Whale Watching.
R 1390.
Abseiling and Kloofing Tour in Crystal Pools.
R 1595.
6 Day Luxury Tent and Kruger Experience.
R 20495.
6 Day Kruger Park and Tree House Experience.
R 13295.
6 Day Kruger Park and Tent Experience.
R 11795.
6 Day Kruger and Balule Experience.
R 15195.
5 Day Luxury Tent and Kruger Experience.
R 18495.
5 Day Kruger Park and Tree House Experience.
R 12295.
5 Day Kruger Park and Tent Experience.
R 10895.
Categories: , , , In this video blog you will see an escorted lion taking a casual walk before he takes his opportunity to hunt down a kudu in front of a fleet of vehicles, while being filmed and chased by the cars, the lion fights the kudu on the road.
At the start of the video, the lion is escorted by a fleet of 4×4 vehicles filled with excited tourists.
The lion casually walks over the road and seems to be unbothered by the closely following cars as well as the created roadblock on 5.
Categories: , , , In this video, you can see a South African couple talking about the preservation of the endangered Cape Vulture or Cape Griffon.
You can also see the unique point of view of a vulture soaring through the sky.
Cape Vultures are seen as predators.
However, they don’t kill their food.
Instead, they hunt for carcasses and feast on the remains.
The feet or claws of the vulture are made for walking, and they can’t lift prey with it.
A group of 50 vultures is able to reduce a sheep or impala.
Categories: , , , In this video, you will see a Humpback Whale performing an impressive full-body breach in South Africa.
But why do whales breach out of the water, do they do it for pleasure, or is there more to it.
Whales live in every ocean around the world, and their species range from a 280-kilo Dwarf Sperm Whale to the massive Blue Whale with its 150000 kg.
The Blue Whale can grow up to the size of a professional basketball court with a heart the size of a small car.
Whales are known 26 02, 2020.
Categories: , , , Porcupines can defend themselves pretty well, but this leopard still attempts to attack two porcupines.
Unfortunately, the leopard has other problems now.
Watch the video and learn more about the Crested Porcupine and their defense mechanism.
The Porcupine named after the french “porc espin,” meaning spined pig, is known for its coat of long sharp quills.
That’s why it is also known as the Quill Pig.
These quills are hollow hairs made out of keratin, and they are modified with muscles at the base, which allows the Porcupine to raise these 19 02, 2020.
Categories: , , , The Honey Badger is known as a fearless animal with many maneuvers to attack and defend itself.
In this video blog, you can see why the honey badger holds the Guinness book of records as the most fearless creature as she attacks a leopard to defend her baby.
The Honey Badger, also named “the honey eater of the cape” due to this little monster’s appetite for honey.
It is fearless and adapted for a fight.
Although the badger looks like a skunk, they are unrelated.
But, the badger does have the 2.
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