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Published on February 24, 2015 Comments 6 Motivation Monday: Experience The World In A Low-Impact Way.
I recently dedicated a post on my recent road trip to the northern rivers/north coast of Australia, so when I stumbled on this Northern Star article, it’s like being back amongst the pristine beaches and fabulous people of Byron Bay, Lennox Head and Ballina all over again.
But, there is one small, yet big difference.

“I really love travelling with a purpose” Australian travel writer Louise Southerden

a four-time winner of the ASTW Travel Writer of the Year Award, has earned globetrotter status, having travelled the world and visiting some of the best places this planet has to offer. Her blog, No Impact Girl  is all about her passion for nature, sustainability and low-impact travel.
I chose Louise for this week’s Motivation Monday as I believe her story can not only motivate everyone to travel, but also encourage all of us to be more aware of low impact travel and tourism – how we can still experience the wonders of the world responsibly and in a low-impact way.

Excerpt from Louise’s blog bio: Climate change is an undeniable reality

one I’m increasingly aware of when I travel and see the world changing with my own eyes.
I do my best to reduce and compensate for my impact as a traveller – by staying longer in each destination, for instance, and by using my writing to promote low-impact travel (treks, kayaking trips, ecolodges) and responsible travel.

A couple of examples: Think big

start small and a story on charitable tourism in Cambodia.

No Impact Girl is an extension of this

a chance to write about what I most care about: experiencing the wonders of the world, big and small, in a low-impact way.

You can access the Northern Star article here

Feature Image: Flickr Mazzali – under  license agreement

, low impact tourism, low impact travel, Motivation Monday, Bella Remy Photography February 24, 2015.
Ok, I really can’t complain.
This looks really really cold.

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Hahah perfect way to stay indoors haha Liked by Reply

Ann GrubbsnCritters February 25, 2015.
Really love the beautiful image you have there.
???? It looks really cold, but surely worth the sight.

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hehe thanks to Flickr.
Whoever took that image really captured the isolation, yet unspoilt nature.
Love it.
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Girl Gone Expat March 9, 2015.
That’s an interesting way of thinking about travels, I like it.
Thanks for sharing the motivation.

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15 Reasons To Fall In Love With Byron Bay, Lennox Head & Ballina | Australia #TBT Throwback Thursday: Épernay – Capital du Champagne | France.
Motivation Monday: Experience The World In A Low-Impact Way.
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