I grew up traveling around Italy and all over Europe

Mandy Cecchetto.
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
As a dual Italian citizen, I grew up traveling around Italy and all over Europe, where my love of travel was instilled.
I started my career as a high school language teacher and during my summers.

I traveled and lived all over Italy

teaching elementary school students.
Throughout my career , I traveled often with my students and have always had a passion for seeing the world.
Every trip is so memorable for me.

Whether it’s one of our Caribbean resort trips

ski vacations, Florida or Cuba beach holidays, or one of the many European adventures.
However, the trip that stands out the most for me was when we traveled as a family with about 20 of our relatives to my grandmother’s hometown in Italy.
It was such an incredible experience staying in the exact house where she grew up in the 1940s.

My grandmother emigrated from Italy to Canada after the war and hadn’t been back in years

which made it even more special to be there with her and the next three generations of kids.
My grandmother has since passed away and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with her and our extended family.
I returned to her home country with my husband and our older daughter recently, which was a very special trip for us.

We went on a monthlong European adventure to Italy and Germany

These multigenerational trips are our most cherished and have made us realize how precious life is and how travel connects us.
There is nothing more rewarding for me than receiving positive feedback on a family ’s trip.
Every family is unique and I love working with them to tailor their itinerary to meet their needs.
Travel planning shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach, and as a CB.
Travel Advisor, I love working closely with our clients to understand their desires and what’s important to them to curate a one-of-a-kind trip.

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