Limited Mobility Israel Tour – 2021

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Limited Mobility Israel Tour – 2021.
For those who want to see the holy land at an enjoyable pace October 18 – 28, 2021.
Have you ever wanted to experience Israel but were concerned that you would not be able to keep up with the pace of most standard Israel tours due to physical limitations or limited mobility.
If so, this is YOUR tour.

Israeli Tour Guide Hanoch Young and Bible Teacher Ross Nichols

long-time friends, have teamed up to provide a unique opportunity to visit the Holy Land at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.
This tour has been organized especially for those with physical challenges or limited mobility.
Every aspect of this tour has been designed, and every site has been carefully selected, with accessibility in mind.

After many years of combined experience leading tours to Israel

Ross and Hanoch decided to put their expertise into practice and design a tour that removes many of the physical challenges that most people experience.

This will allow those who might not otherwise go on a tour to the land of the Bible

to join us.
All sites we will visit are easily accessible.
This tour, while moving at a relaxed pace, still hits many of the greatest sites.
We will traverse the land in a luxury coach equipped with a ramp for easy and accessible boarding, .

As well as being equipped with WiFi

We can view many of the places we know from the Bible and learn about the history of this land from the comfort of the bus.
The tour also includes stops at some of the greatest sites across Israel as the itinerary demonstrate s.
We have designed the tour so that we only need three hotels , which will help to reduce the stress of moving from one hotel to another during our tour.
We will stay at the King Solomon hotel in Jerusalem, the Leonardo Club on the shore of the Dead Sea, and the Leonardo Club on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
Book NowView Itinerary Tour Leader : Ross Nichols.
Ross K.
Nichols is a Vice-President and an ordained minister and teacher for United Israel World Union.

He directs the United Israel Center South in St

Francisville, Louisiana.
Each Sabbath, people from all over the world join in for a live stream of his teachings via United Israel’s YouTube channel , or the United Israel Facebook Page .  Ross has toured Israel extensively – leading and co-leading tours for both Jews and Christians.
He has participated in archaeological digs at Dig Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and at Biblical Tamar Park.
He is an ardent Zionist and is active in the Anti BDS movement working on many fronts to present the Jewish State in a positive light and looking for ways to counter those who seek to promote boycotts, divestments, and sanctions against Israel through propaganda and other false media efforts.  Aside from his role as a teacher of the Hebrew Bible.

Ross is a co-host of Israel on My Mind

an internet radio show on Israel News Talk Radio as well as a co-host on the popular new podcast, The Kingdom Chronicles , an unscripted, original audio series exploring the ancient Hebrew monarchy.
Tour Guide: Hanoch Young.
Hanoch Young, an Orthodox Jew, .

Is one of Israel’s most sought-out and dynamic Tour Guides

Having completed the arduous requirements of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism

he specializes in guiding both Christian and other non-Jewish Zionist groups throughout Israel.  Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Hanoch now resides in Modi’in – the ancient home of the Maccabees.

Since fulfilling his dream to move to Israel

he has expanded his work to focus upon building bridges among all lovers of Israel worldwide, traveling and speaking internationally to audiences about Biblical prophecy and how to bless Israel.
Hanoch’s exciting, dynamic style, combined with his background, openness, and caring, make him a unique messenger for, .

And passionate advocate on behalf of Israel

His public speaking, writing, and guiding have earned him a global following of people who have been inspired by his message.
You can learn more about Hanoch and his various projects on his website.
DeWayne A.

Coxon is the founder and president of Blossoming Rose

He received his Ph.
From Michigan State University and served as a public-school teacher, minister, college instructor and administrator from 1960 – 1984.  Shortly thereafter he founded Blossoming Rose.

An organization whose mission is to bless Israel through various programs

including the maintenance and restoration of the 55-acre Biblical Tamar Park.  He has visited Israel over 150 times and his knowledge of Jewish, Christian and Muslim history gives him a unique perspective on contemporary events taking place in the Middle East.  Blossoming Rose is the curator of the archaeology site at the Park.
Rob Coxon serves as the Executive Director and is the contact person for tour leaders.
Tour Dates: October 18 – 28, 2021.
Dinner (Except October 27).
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