One can easily cover the whole Galle Fort on foot

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Exploring Galle Fort: Part 2.
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4 Comments Galle Fort is replete with cute cafes

colorful houses and lots of boutiques.
One can easily cover the whole Galle Fort on foot.
I managed to cover almost 80% of this area on foot, capturing the beauty of this picturesque town.

From Lighthouse to famous All Saints’ Church

Galle managed to impress me with its rich history.
In every corner of the street, one can spot either a charming building or a cafe.

Galle must be included in your Sri Lanka itinerary

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For For Thank You ???? The European Side Of Mumbai

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11 Comments This was my third trip to Mumbai but first as a tourist

Earlier, .

I visited the financial capital of India due to some official work

I was quite excited to visit Mumbai once again but honestly speaking I wasn’t expecting any big surprises.
But Mumbai proved me wrong.  I wasn’t just surprised but astonished by the historic British era buildings of south Mumbai.
Simple architecture yet very attractive.
These buildings, some colorful and some grey, took me to the bygone era.
These beauteous buildings will literally make you feel that you are in an European country.
At least I felt so.
Being a huge admirer of India’s history, .

I was glad to discover a different part of Mumbai

And If you are a history buff, then it is a must visit place for you.
Meandering th rough the narrow lanes  and eating in small eateries, my trip became more than wonderful.
And if you plan to travel on Sunday then there are many organisation s which conduct heritage walk.

A Selection Of Germany’s Top Tourist Destinations

March 16, 2017March 21, 2017 Posted in , Tagged , Berlin, , Deutschland, Dresden, , German Tourism Department, Germany, , , , , , Top Desti nations , , Leave a comment Berlin Everyone wants to see the German capital: Berlin tops the rankings of Tripadviser, the world’s largest portal for travel reviews.
And the incredibly multi-faceted 3.4-million city deserves it, too.

Great German monuments like the BRANDENBURG Gate and the BERLIN Cathedral

structures like Alexanderplatz and the East Side Gallery, art treasures like the Pergamon Altar, but also the subculture and scene make the city on the Spree worth a visit.
Image courtesy: By Jürgen Matern – Own work (JMatern_071104_8454-8458_WC.jpg), CC BY-SA 3.0,  Dresden It just missed out on a medal, but managed an excellent fourth place behind Munich and Hamburg: Dresden, city on the Elbe, has more to offer than the Church of Our Lady and the Semper Opera House .
Although large sections of the city were destroyed in the Second World War, it still showcases Renaissance and Baroque ARCHITECTURE in its historical centre.

Some of Germany’s best restaurants and hotels are to be found there

You can read more about other German destinations here

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February 11, 2017February 12, 2017 Posted in Tagged , , , , , , India n Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Orchha, , 5 Comments One of the three most important temples in Orchha, the stunning Laxminarayan temple is dedicated to the Goddess Laxmi.
However, you can’t find any idol of the Goddess inside the temple.
One can notice wall paintings covering the walls and ceiling of three halls inside the temple.
A perfect blend of temple and fort architecture, this temple is a visual treat to the eyes of tourists.
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