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Manaslu Expedition.
Manaslu Expedition – Climbing.
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The first successful Manaslu expedition was in 1956 and the ascent was made by T

Imanishi (Japan) and Gyalzen Norbu (Sherpa).
As of today, .

There are at least six routes to Manaslu’s summit

Thanks to few technical sections and diverse surroundings, the Manaslu Expedition provides an unforgettable experience.
Mount Manaslu is an excellent choice if you consider climbing an accessible eight-thousander.
Its altitude is significant, but not as intimidating as those of Kanchenjunga or Everest.
You have a fair chance of reaching the summit, .

Taking into account the success rates of Manaslu ascents

Climbing Manaslu.
General information.
Climbing Manaslu takes about 7 weeks, .

Including the scenic trek to Manaslu Base Camp at 4,400 metres

The trekking route remains relatively untouched and is a highlight on its own.
Compared to peaks such as Cho Oyu (8,188 metres), or Shisapangma (8,027 metres), .

Climbing Manaslu is euqally challening in terms of technical conditions

It is a good climb before attempting a serious technical 8,00-metre mountain.
At 8,163 metres, climbing Manaslu is about as technical and challenging as Cho Oyu (8,188 metres) and Shisapangma (8,027 metres) and is a good climb before attempting a serious technical 8,000-metre mountain.
Manaslu expedition overview.
The predicted trip time is 47 days.
Starting in Kathmandu, we hold the expedition briefing for the team members, complete the necessary paperwork and preparations.
Next, there is a drive to Arughat Bazar, from where the first trek of the expedition begins.
The walk offers spectacular experiences and allows climbers to admire the beautiful, lush landscapes of Nepal.
For one, it follows the Budhi Gandaki river.
On day 9 the climbing party arrives at Sama Gaon, a strikingly beautiful village of farmers and traders.
There is a Buddhist monastery there, as well.
A day of acclimatization is planned in the village, .

Before setting out to the Manaslu Base Camp

We plan the climbing period for around 28 days.
On summit day, you can expect a sequence of plateaus and moderate slopes on the route, leading up to a steep crest.
We assure you, the view from the top is worth all the effort.
The descent route is slightly different.
This way, .

The climbers can get to know a larger part of the region surrounding Mount Manaslu

What is more, varying routes helps keep up the curiosity and high spirits of the team.
Ascending, climbers pass through Khursanibari, Jagat or Salleri, Dyang and Namrung.
On the route down, the route leads through Ghap and Machakhola.
For the full schedule, see the expedition’s detailed itinerary down below.
Your Asian Trekking team for expedition.
Our staff are experienced, passionate mountaineers: Sherpas, guides, expedition leaders.
True experts in their field, they share a deep connection to the Himalayan region and love for climbing.
There is no better assistance than our accomplished climbing Sherpas.
Taking on the challenge of ascending an eight-thousander, you need to have someone to guide you.
Poeple with expertise and extensive knowledge, able to deal with location-related issues.
Who could do it best, if not the local mountaineering veterans at Asian Trekking.
The expeditions will only be possible so long as we take care of the mountains and surrounding areas.
That is why, at Asian Trekking, we are dedicated to protect the natural environment of the Himalayan region.
During our Eco Everest Expeditions, we have cleaned thousands of kilograms of rubbish.
We help local communities understand why and how we need to care about local environment, about our home.
The company’s environmental initiatives have been widely recognized and awarded many times.
We invite you to climb and protect the nature with us.
Who can climb Manaslu?.

Before making the decision to attempt the ascent of Mount Manaslu

make sure you meet the requirements.
You need to be in very good physical shape, healthy, fit and with good stamina.
The expedition includes quite long treks and climbs.
A single climb or trek can last as long as eight hours per day.
High altitude atmosphere conditions should be taken seriously, .

Even if Manaslu is one of the easiest 8,000-metre peaks

Be ready for icy and rocky terrain.
Technical mountaineering equipment is indispensable in the expedition.
If you are looking for a peak of a similar technical difficulty as Cho Oyu, Manaslu is the ultimate choice.
Additionally, it is a little more varied than Cho Oyu in terms of routes.
Many mountaineers value Manaslu as a preparation for more technically challenging ascents, such as Everest.
The peak.
8th highest summit in the world at 8,163 metres.
Easy access from different sides.
Difficulty level comparable to Cho Oyu or Shisapangma, with the advantage of stunning, almost pristine surroundings of the route.
The Manaslu Expedition.
Predicted expedition time: 47 days.

The scenic Manaslu Base Camp trek is a highlight

Acclimatization at Sama Gaon.
Different villages on the ascent and descent routes.
Why climb Manaslu?.
One of the easiest eight-thousanders.
A more varied alternative to the comparable Cho Oyu.
A great choice as preliminary training in preparation for the Everest expedition.
Breathtaking natural beauty around the route.
A memorable experience of the local culture.
A good pick for a first-time 8,000-metre climb.
Support of qualified professionals at Asian Trekking ensuring well-organized expedition.
For more information and advice, click the “Ask for details” button in the top left corner.
You can either fill in a contact form or write to our travel experts directly.
We will be happy to help you and answer any questions.
Day 4Drive to Arughat Bazar Drive to Arughat Bazar (576m-1893ft) and arrange for porters.
Day 5Trek to Khursanibari Trek to Khursanibari (970m-3182ft).
Day 6Trek to Jagat or Salleri Trek to Jagat (1350m-4429ft) or Salleri (1353m-4438ft).
Day 7Trek to Dyang Trek to Dyang (1860m-6101ft).
Day 8Trek to Namrung Trek to Namrung (2630m-8626ft).
Day 9Trek to Sama Gaon Trek to Sama Gaon (3520m-11546ft).
Day 10Rest day at Sama Gaon Rest day at Sama Gaon Day 11Trek to Manaslu Base Camp Trek to Manaslu Base Camp (4400m-14,432ft).
Day 12-39Climbing Period Mt.

Manaslu Climbing Period Mt

Day 40Clean up Day 41Trek back to Sama Goan Trek back to Sama Goan.
Day 42Trek to Ghap Trek to Ghap (2380m-7806ft).
Day 43Trek to Machakhola Trek to Machakhola (869m-2850ft).
Day 44Trek to Arughat Bazar Trek to Arughat Bazar (608m-1994ft).
Day 45Drive to Kathmandu Drive to Kathmandu.
Transfer to your hotel.
Day 46Kathmandu 47 Day 47Transfer to airport 47 Days   Trip Code:  ATT-257 Price starts from:   8163 m Height: 8.163 m , 26,782 ft.
Location: Mansiri Himal.
Range: mt.-manaslu.
Rank: 8th Highest.
Classification: 8th Highest.
Climbing Route: 8th Highest.
Latitude: 28.33.0 N.
Longitude: 84.32.60 E.
Asian Trekking Climb Expedition.

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