Today it houses Museum of History of the City of Poznan

Poznan private city tour.
Poznań Buy Now Poznan is the bustling business and cultural center of the Wielkopolska Region.

It is here in Wielkopolska that the Polish State was born more than 1000 years ago

This rich history is wonderfully preserved to the delight of the many visitors that come to Poznan every day.
Book our budget tour by train and see the top landmarks of this charming city.

During Poznan city tour you will:

see top sights of Poznan.

Watch the traditional duel of Town Hall goats

taste the delicious St.
Martin’s croissant.

Learn about the beginnings of Poland from a local guide

We offer 2 tour options:.

You will start the city tour at the Main Square

It is one of the most picturesque market squares in Poland

The colorful townhouses create a fairytale atmosphere.

The most representative building is the Town Hall

located right in the middle of the square.
It is a 16th century renaissance masterpiece.
Today it houses Museum of History of the City of Poznan.
Every day at noon people gather next to the Town Hall to watch the traditional duel of the Town Hall goats –  the number one symbol of the city.

A visit to Poznan is not complete without seeing this show

Another symbol of Poznan is St.
Martin’s croissant.
You can buy this delicious treat in local shops and bakeries.
Walking in the Old Town you will see the baroque Poznan Fara – one of Poznan most finest treasures.
Besides the Cathedral, it is the most important church in the city.
You will have a stroll until you reach the Imperial Castle.
Its Neo-Romanesque style will surely take your breath away.
It is a great historical palace just in the middle of the city, which served as the provincial residence of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Built in the first decade of the 20th century, it is the last imperial residency built in Europe.
It was designed to resemble medieval stongholds in order to symbolize the rule of the German Emperor in Wielkopolska region during annexation of Poland by Prussia. You will walk a few step further to the Adam Mickiewicz Square.
In this historic place you will observe how different phases of the history interweave just in one place.
You will see the Monument of the June 56’ Protest Victims, .

Known as the Poznan Crosses (Krzyże Poznańskie)

It is a monument commemorating the events of Poznań June 56 – the first of several massive protests against the communist government of the Polish People’s Republic.
During 5-hour walking tour you visit all the places listed in the 3-hour tour and move on to see the Poznan Cathedral.

The impecable Archcathedral Basilica of St

Peter and St.
Paul is located on an island called Ostrow Tumski, surrounded by two rivers – the Warta and the Cybina.

The Cathedral is of the oldest Polish churches

It dates back to the beginnings of Christianity in Poland – second half of 10th century

Although the city of Gniezno located 60 kilometres away from Poznan is officially considered the first capital of Poland, many historians claim it is in the Poznan Cathedral that Mieszko I –  the first sovereign of Poland got baptised in 966, making Christianity the official religion in his land.
In the cathedral vault you will see the tombs the first two Polish sovereigns – Mieszko I and Boleslaw Chrobry.
The route can be modified according to your preferences.
The starting point can be Bernardynski Square or any other place in the city centre (including your hotel/apartment).
You move on foot from one point to another, but public transportation is also available.
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