with a special focus on the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean

We”ve got momentum.
Have you?.

View available positions Our philosophy

You might think we make holidays, but really we”re matchmakers.

Our profession is marrying each holidaymaker with their perfect getaway

no matter what.
Gallantry is ensured every step of the way through a personalised approach and sterling expertise on the best destinations known to man.

Our endgame is to show our customers just how awesome the world really is

with a special focus on the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.
We”re all about solid knowhow, executed with a tip of the hat and a twirl of the cane.
Civilised and magnificent.
The cut of our jib.

Our mission is simple: world domination

Not in a comic-book-super-villain kind of way, we hasten to add: they”re all cape and no trousers.
We”re straight up pioneers, right at the forefront of the industry.

We aim to be the best Travel Agency on the planet

bar none – and we”ve got the awards to prove it.
We believe that first-hand experience, excellent customer service, and copious amounts of good English tea are the unshakable foundations of everlasting greatness.
Jolly good, wouldn”t you say.
And not a hint of villainy to be seen.
It”s all gravy.
If you”ve got the savvy, we want you to get involved.

The Blue Bay life comes with a boatload of perks

and they”re all yours for the taking.
You”ll learn, you”ll earn good commission on your bookings, and we”ll even make sure you have everything you need to excel at holidaymaking.
And have we mentioned the tea yet.
There”s also plenty of tea, so no worries there.
Choose your path to success….
Personal Travel Advisor.

We”re always looking for new Personal Travel Advisors to join the Blue Bay Travel cause

Everybody loves a good holiday, and we”re way ahead of the crowd in terms of knowledge and finesse.
Here you can work alongside likeminded holiday lovers, all under the wing of a bold industry leader.
If you want to give your career in travel a little more momentum, you really should drop us a line.

Find out more Homeworker

You don”t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to start a rewarding career with Blue Bay Travel.

You can get stuck in anywhere you like by becoming a Blue Bay Travel Homeworker

It”s pretty much the same gig as working here in person, but you do it from home.
The clue is in the name, truth be told.
Find out more Looking for something else?.
If selling isn”t your cup of tea, we”re always looking for hardworking, talented people to join our ever-growing team in departments ranging from Customer Service to Design & Development.
If you think you”re a good fit, we”d love to hear from you.
Just email your CV to us at.
Customer Service.

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