Ha Giang Vietnam, Journey of clouds and wind



Ha Giang is located 320 km north of Hanoi Vietnam, is a place we sure you must go to once in your life. The terrain of Ha Giang province is quite complex, with many high rocky mountains, rivers, streams.

Although Ha Giang is located in a humid subtropical climate, due to its high terrain, the climate of Ha Giang is more temperate. The western mountainous region belongs to the upstream mass of Chay river, steep slopes, high passes, valleys and narrow stream beds. Lowlands in the province include hilly areas, Lo river valley and Ha Giang City. Because of the outstanding terrain features, Ha Giang proudly “embraces” the West Con Linh peak of 2427m, considered the highest in the Northeast region, and also has Gia Long peak (in Ban Phung commune) and Kieu Lieu Ti (Ho Thau commune) is over 2400m high and a series of other peaks higher than 2000m. In terms of population, compared to the northern mountainous provinces, Ha Giang has a relatively large population. In particular, the ethnic minorities living here are mainly Mong, Dao, Tay, Muong … The ethnic diversity makes Ha Giang clad in a shirt with colorful colors, creating a multicolored picture for somewhere “phượt”, those who like to travel to the dust like that. Discover, love this place. Coming to Ha Giang, we not only discover the splendid beauty of the natural colors, the grandeur and dream of the mountains, but also to discover the cultural beauty, new customs and practices. Strange people of highland people. It is the hospitality and enthusiasm of the people here, you will easily talk, be integrated into their daily life, It is from this practical experience that will give you more understanding, more love people here.  Or simply bright smiles, filled with the belief that a bright future will come to children in poor villages. The children dressed in simple, simple, and the deprivation of poor ethnic areas have trained for people, especially the children here optimism, love life, know how to work hard to overcome difficulties. , against adversity. This will probably become beautiful memories that visitors will never forget, the beautiful scenery that fascinated people, the people here make us more passionate … Love from small to large just kept multiplying, love Ha Giang’s scenery, love Ha Giang’s people, love more Vietnam Country and thank the mother for giving us this land of affection.


Referring to Ha Giang, no one does not know about a very famous landscape that Dong Van rock plateau – a heritage bearing pride not only for our Vietnamese people but also for Southeast Asia. In 2010, the Dong Van rock plateau record was recognized by UNESCO as a global geological park. This is also the first global geological park of Vietnam. Ha Giang has Lung Cu – the northernmost point of Vietnam, there are poetic roads, including three main roads: Ha Giang – Dong Van, Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi, and a few locations. near the center of Ha Giang city. The winding roads winding like a peach silk embrace each hill. Along the winding winding roads, a pristine picture of terraced fields, small, simple houses is located in the valley, surrounded by rocky mountains. The majestic high mountains, overwhelmed and imposing keep the sky and sky as if to protect the houses and people here. Coming to Ha Giang, visitors can also be “drunk” with the taste of corn wine, sip the bowl of victory of the Mong people, gather around the fire of ethnic minority families … Ha Giang is like a beautiful and beautiful fairy, making visitors so immersed and forget about the way back, and when they come back, they still remember their love and want to carry their backpacks and shout the slogan “Ha Giang straight forward”. Human life is an experience, a day to go to school and a wisdom, Ha Giang – the most beautiful northwestern mountainous region of the Country, deserves for you to experience and keep unforgettable memories of youth.

Today, Ha Giang is becoming a tourist destination that attracts a lot of young people, especially students, young people who tend to like backpacking or backpacking by motorbike … Ha Giang still retains its wild beauty, containing so many new things that people cannot discover. This also facilitates Ha Giang to develop a sustainable tourism industry, always retaining the most pristine beauty of nature, not under the influence of human hands will make the gift of nature’s mother bestowed. loses its unique beauty.

Weather suitable for traveling in Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is most beautiful in the spring. In early spring, Ha Giang has an extremely warm and pleasant climate, with mild but not too strong sunshine. Especially, this is also an ideal time for those who like to explore cultural festivals in Ha Giang.

There are some typical festivals such as:

  • The Tay’s longevity festival is a traditional custom of the Tay people and this is the time when their descendants come together to congratulate their grandparents and parents on their longevity.
  • Spring Festival. This is a happy spring festival for H’mong and Dao people, usually held in the days after the Chinese New Year and lasts from 3 to 7 days. According to the beliefs of the people, they pray for a good rainy year, pray for children, pray for peace … The festival has a crossbow shooting contest, charming love song, throw pa pao, drink wine, open banquet guests ….. and they are very welcome visitors can participate.
  • Buffalo fighting festival.
  • Lồng Tồng festival.
  • Horse fighting festival.
  • Lo Lo Bridge Festival of Lo Lo people is usually held on the 15th, 17th and 19th of the third lunar month every year, this is also an opportunity for boys and girls to meet, to love …

Around March, the festival will not have much, but instead visitors can delight in flower rewards. The whole northwestern high region is filled with the pale pink of plum blossoms and wild peach blossoms.  Looking down from the top of the high mountain, Ha Giang appears like a water-color painting with vivid colors, but only the poet’s skillful and talented pen can depict all that beautiful beauty of Ha. Giang. For those who like to check in and live virtual, March is truly an ideal time.

In Ha Giang, there is a Khau Vai love market in April. Come to the love market, you will witness the pictures of the boys and girls here with fresh faces, learn to talk and talk together. , if appropriate, you can make friends and learn about each other. Love couples come so gently and naturally. And one of the special things about this market is that there are couples who love each other but can’t come together, this is the time they can sit together, talk about life, and the philosophy of human life.

May and June are Ha Giang when the water falls. Ha Giang appears beautifully with the image of flooded rice terraces, like wearing a glass of clear transparent glass. This time is also the time when people are busy and busy preparing for a new crop full of harvests, here you can feel the working life of highland people. Note that this is also the rainy season, so you need to see the weather forecast to choose for yourself the best day!

August and September are ripe rice seasons, the months that most devotees expect.  This is also the time when Ha Giang put on a very luxurious and powerful “long plan”. But under the eyes of the lyricist, the ripe rice season made Ha Giang dreamy and gentle. Different from the grandiose majesty of the regular day, when the ripe rice season comes, each terraced field is spreading gold, the shiny yellow color fuses with the sweet scent of ripe rice, visitors will return to their childhood. , with the day of flying wings flying. Temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city, come back to Ha Giang to settle down, relax, rest, feel the peaceful working life, the beautiful scenery and the incense the passionate taste of the countryside.

October, November is the time when vascular flowers bloom, all over the place is a pale purple color full of lyrical content. It is wonderful to see the triangle flowers under the chilly weather of autumn.

December is the flowering season, an entire mountainous region is full of gold. That beauty is captured in the eyes of professional photographers, they said that “Ha Giang chrysanthemum season in full bloom is also the season of filled memory”


Ha Giang tourism self-sufficient:

  • Advantages: free, proactive in time and place and you can save a lot of money.
  • Disadvantages: Must drive by yourself, note that Ha Giang road is also winding, difficult to walk, there are many dangerous passages. If not confident, sure steering, the sincere advice is to pair the tour, all catering services, accommodation must take care of …

If you are not confident to drive, then you can rent a car with a driver there, the service price is about 3-5 million / day (4,7,16 seats). Along with that, you can hire a local tour guide for about 500,000 VND – 1,000,000 VND / day.

Ha Giang tourism graft tour:

  • Advantages: you do not need to worry, calculate the accommodation, accommodation, how to go, just pack your backpack !! All have a full service package you go to the most outstanding places of Ha Giang without having to spend time searching a map of “navigating”
  • Disadvantages: cost will be higher, all must follow the schedule already available and of course will not be as free as going by yourself.

The most convenient way to get to Ha Giang

Take a bus and rent a motorbike or car: You can take a bus from Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ha Nam …. to Ha Giang. Currently there are many passenger cars, extremely convenient. After coming to Ha Giang city, you can rent a motorbike or car and drive to explore an arc of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac or Hoang Su Phi palace …

A few bus services in Hanoi for your reference:

  1. Hai Van Bus Company (Hanoi – Ha Giang City)
    Departure time:
    – Hanoi 20h30
    – Ha Giang 20h35.
    – Hanoi: 0944.96.23.23 – 04.37222588
    – Ha Giang: 0946.69.23.23.
  2. Hung Thanh bus companies (Hanoi – Ha Giang City).
    Departure time:
    – My Dinh 08h30-10h05-10h15-14h30-19h30.
    – Gia Lâm 09h00 – 19h00.
    – Nuoc Ngam : 9:00 am – 20:30 pm (can be transferred to Giap Bat, should call in advance)
    – Hanoi 0988 287741
    – Ha Giang 0989 416416
  3. Cau Be Bus Station (Hanoi – Ha Giang City)
    Departure time:
    – Hà Giang 8h20-10h30-21h00.
    – Mỹ Đình 7h30-9h30-21h00.
    – Ha Giang: 0946 445099 – 0912 848216 – 0948 773033.
    – Mỹ Đình : 0946 445369 – 0983 823780 – 0946 509479
  4. Car Ngoc Cuong (Hanoi – Ha Giang City).
    Departure time:
    – Hà Nội 13h00 – 21h00 – 5h00.
    – Hà Giang 11h20 – 21h00 – 5h00.
    Phone: 0904 366279 – 0936 788279 – 0982 295279 – 0913 366279
  5. Phan Bang Bus Station (Hanoi – Ha Giang City)
    Departure time:
    – Mỹ Đình 5h
    – Nước Ngầm: 17h-20h
    – Hà Giang: 5h – 17h -20h
    Phone: 0985 605656

Address reputable motorbike rental in Ha Giang

  1. Hang Thuong motorbike rental service
    Hotline: 0836,399,888 (Zalo) – 0398,399,888. Address: No. 15B Pham Hong Thai Street – Group 17 – Minh Khai Ward – Ha Giang City.
    Note: when taking a passenger car you just need to tell the garage: “Drop down to Mr. and Mrs. Hang Thuong” they will take you to your door.
  2. HONG HAO uncle’s house
    Phone: 0165.398.2928 / 0915.842.019 – www.facebook.com/chothuexemayhagiang
    Note: when getting on the bus, you just need to notify the car to let down the uncle Hong Hao – rent a motorbike, they will take and pick you up to your door.
  3. Quang Tan Motorbike Rental Facility
    Address: No. 15A1 Nguyễn Trãi street, Hà Giang city (200m from bus station). Mr. Qin’s house has all kinds of vehicles (car number 200k / day, clutch cars, large displacement of 3-900k / day).
    Telephone number Mr. Tan 0975.278.711

Rent a car (with driver) to travel to Ha Giang

This is the optimal plan for families who like to go by car, but are not confident in their ability to drive.

Car rental includes: car & driver.
Living expenses of the driver: self-sufficient (I think so that the driver is enthusiastic about the job, you should invite him to eat and drink together).
Rent a car with 5 seats
Rent a car 2 days 1 night to Ha Giang, Dong Van palace 3,000,000 VND / trip
Car rental 3 days 2 nights: 3,500,000 VND / trip

Places to visit when traveling to Ha Giang

  1. Bac Sum slope
    If you come here at about 5-5:30 am, you will be watching the scenery of a sea of ​​clouds, intertwined in the dim clouds are the same mountains. Bac Sum slope is about 40 km from the city center, takes about 35 minutes to drive, the slope is quite long and winding, dangerous, but if you conquer it, standing on the slope of Bac Sum to admire the panorama of Ha Giang, you will feel very worth the price.
  2. Quan Ba ​​double mountain
    Quan Ba ​​double mountain, also known as Co Tien mountain, is the image of two mountains accidentally set by the hands of natural mother lying close together, forming the breast of a girl.
  3. Lung Khe cave
    About 10 km from the center of Quan Ba ​​district, Lung Khuý cave is known as the most beautiful of the caves discovered on Dong Van Rock Plateau Global Geopark. The cave has only recently been developed for tourism. Admission is 50,000 VND / person, however, you have to walk over a distance of more than 1 km, also quite tired, if you do not have much time, you can skip this place.
  4. Yen Minh pine forest
    About 10 km away from Lung Khe cave, it is known as a green steppe in the middle of rocky mountains. Entering the pine forest, a strange quiet space is opened, visitors temporarily put aside the hustle and bustle of the outside world, immersed in the freshness and freshness of the mother nature you donate. pine trees are growing day by day, protecting a mountainous region from natural disasters and floods.
  5. Tham Ma slope
    A slope leading visitors to the first gateway on Dong Van land – Pho Cao commune. The name of this slope is derived from the story It is said that in the past, it was at this slope that people loaded horses from the bottom of the slope to climb, the horse that reached the top is still strong is a good horse, the people keep rearing. The horses that go down the slope but weak, breathing is not out of breath, the pan has won trying to wait. And today, Tham Ma is the slope to train the steering wheel for the adventurers, a challenging but adventurous challenge for young people who are passionate about adventure.
  6. Chinh Khoanh slope
    It is said that if a couple goes together this Chinh Khoanh slope, the future will be married to husband, living together until the beginning of silver teeth. In fact, many couples come here to take wedding photos, thanks to the grandeur of heaven and earth testify to love.  Especially around the slope of Chinh Khoanh, there are lots of triangular flowers, here you definitely cannot lack super-beautiful photos with flowers!
  7. Sung La Valley
    Sung La Valley is located on the 4C Highway axis connecting Yen Minh with the center of the rock plateau, about 20 km from Dong Van town. This place is full of flowers, with a vast basket of roses dubbed the “rose of the province”. Especially “Pao’s House” – a famous Vietnamese film was filmed here, now it is also planned for tourism. Coming to Sung La valley you should definitely not miss it!
  8. Wang’s mansion – associated with the history of the Dong Van rocky plateau
    Vuong’s edifice (Dinh Vuong Vuong) is located in Sa Phin valley, Lung Phin commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, 125km from Ha Giang city, 15km from Dong Van town. The real king of cats is Vuong Chinh Duc, a Mong ethnic person who is the head of the mountainous feudal regime of the Mong people in Dong Van plateau. The work was “King of Cats” built in the early 20th century and built in 8 years by Yunnan workers (China) and Mong people (Vietnam). Construction area of ​​about 1,200m2. The architecture of the mansion is a unique combination of Chinese architectural art and architectural characteristics of the Mong people, although it is not a large-scale and large-scale building, but their mansion Vuong again won the hearts of visitors by the originality and cultural values ​​that it brings.
  9. Lung Cu flagpole – the northernmost point of the Fatherland
    Having arrived in Dong Van, you should not miss this place to see a part of Vietnam territory from above. The Lung Cu flagpole stands high on the top of the dragon mountain, about 1470 m altitude above sea level. Looking at the flag fluttering in the wind is proud and majestic, reminiscent of a proud time of the nation. Today the road to Lung Cu flagpole is not difficult, because nowadays people travel here a lot, so the path is well made and easier to go. This is a certain place not to be missed, a valuable opportunity for us to collect the full picture of the country in sight.
  10. Ma Pi Leng Pass
    Located on the Hanh Phuc road connecting the town of Dong Van and Meo Vac is the image of one of the four great mountain pass of Vietnam – Ma Pi Leng pass. The road is about 20km long, going through the pass, thousands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic groups in 8 provinces of Northern Vietnam have worked for 6 years, with over 2 million turns, of which the pass over Ma Pi Leng is covered by bars. teenagers in the suicide squad hang themselves on the cliff encroaching the centimeter wall for 11 months. It was formed on the hard work and blood of thousands of young people who committed suicide under the most severe weather conditions, now when we mention the road to Happiness, we remember a glorious heroic time, a sign. The indelible seal of history. The pass, named Ma Pi Leng, is because of the folklore that the famous hill with this steep slope has caused the mares to climb to the top of the mountain to be pregnant and die, the males have not After the pass, we had to stop breathing. Therefore, the local people used the phrase “Ma Pi Lèng” in Mandarin language, literally means “horse nose”, to name the mountain pass. The name “Ma Pi Leng” of the pass speaks to the ruggedness of the mountain, of the pass, with steep slopes like the bridge of a horse, one side of a cliff, one side of the forest with the child. Extremely rugged dirt road. Standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng pass, opening before our eyes is an overwhelming space of rocky mountains, with the blue sea of ​​trees and grass, white clouds blurred faintly floating in the middle of the air. At the foot of the pass is the Nho Que river – the river is known as the most beautiful river of Dong Van rock plateau. The green water of the river winding around the foot of the pass is like a smooth, gently affectionate silk ribbon. Come here, you can take a boat trip on Nho Que River and do not forget to check-in to save those wonderful moments!

Hotels, homestays in Ha Giang

  1. Ha Giang 1 Hotel
    Address: 54A Trần Phú, Hà Giang City, Hà Giang
    Phone: 0366 166 968
    Ha Giang 1 Hostel is a accommodation in a good neighborhood, which is located at Minh Khai Ward. Provides extremely convenient services for you to have the best trip. Room rental is extremely attractive, reasonable for young people who like to travel to save money.
  2. Ha Giang historic hotel
    Address: 209 Minh Khai, Hà Giang
    Located in center of Ha Giang city, Ha Giang Historic Hotel has a restaurant, free use of motorcycles, a bar and a garden. This hotel has family rooms and a children’s playground. At the same time, the hotel is designed in a family style, luxurious but extremely close, giving guests a great experience.
  3. Pa Vi Homestay
    Address: Khu B, Làng văn hóa du lịch cộng đồng dân tộc mông, thông Mả Pi Hả. Xã Pả Vi, huyện Mèo Vạc, Hà Giang, Việt Nam.
    Pa Vi Homestay has a restaurant, bar, shared hotel, free Wi-Fi in the entire campus of the hotel, and a children’s playground. The hotel room is fully furnished, airy …
  4. Long Hotel
    Address: 134b Đường Lý Tự Trọng, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    Provide concierge services and valet parking for guests. The property offers 24-hour front desk, shuttle service, room service and free WiFi throughout the property, rooms with air conditioning and heater, car rental services.
  5. Royal Hotel Hà Giang
    Address: 89-91 Le Quy Don street, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    New rooms, nice furniture, clean, close to the center and eating places, enthusiastic and friendly staff. Around many breakfast rows. Behind the hotel is a market of residents, so it is very convenient, visitors can stroll the market, explore the specialties of Ha Giang countryside.
  6. Ciao Hà Giang 
    Address: 170 Trần Hưng Đạo, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    The hotel provides full amenities, with online booking support, for car rentals with the most attractive, safe and convenient service prices. The staff are extremely friendly and friendly.
  7. Phoenix Hotel
    Address: 92T Nguyen Trai Street, Ha Giang, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    Nice clean room with view overlooking the Lo River, for couples or groups of holiday travel, want to have more time to relax, quiet, Phoenix Hotel is a great choice. In addition, the hotel is also fully equipped, convenient service. The price is extremely reasonable.
  8. QT Guest House
    Address: thôn Lâm Đồng – Xã Phương Thiện, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    Accommodations at the hotel are equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen satellite TV, kettle, bidet, hairdryer and a desk. At the guest house, all rooms have a seating area. In addition, the hotel also supports shuttle services, creating the most convenient conditions for tourists to explore Ha Giang.
  9. Đinh Gia Hotel
    Address: Cầu mè Phương Thiện, TP Hà Giang Tỉnh Hà Giang, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    Dinh Gia Hotel is popular with tourists because the hotel has a large garden, and the scenery is extremely poetic. Here they provide a full range of services but provided you have to book a few days in advance to keep the slot!
  10. Ecolodge Pan Hou Village
    Address: Lang Giang, Hà Giang, Việt Nam
    Located in Hoang Su Phi district of Ha Giang province, Ecolodge Pan Hou Village is an eco-friendly hotel using hot water systems and solar fans. Here is a model of a surrounding vegetable garden, all rooms have balconies and seats for you the most comfortable moments watching the beautiful nature here. In addition, the hotel organizes forest walks with local guides, cooks or offers massage services, traditional baths and room service.

Ha Giang cuisine

  1. Thắng cố
    Coming to Ha Giang, you must try Thang Co, a dish made from horse’s edible organs, using aromas such as salt, cardamom, ground, cinnamon, aromatic grilled lemon leaves, chopped, marinated. in the meat before stir frying. This is a dish made on festivals and forest protection holidays, but thanks to its unique flavor that is extremely popular with tourists.
  2. Buffalo meat guarding the kitchen
    Buffalo meat guarding the kitchen – a specialty of the Northwest mountains, an indispensable dish in the meals of the Black Thai. Buffalo meat is tough, sweet and sweet, and its characteristic flavor makes diners far away from home to buy a few pounds to bring as gifts.
  3. Dong Van rolls
    The cake is coated with a thin layer of flour, then they add onions and steamed eggs, served with a bone broth soup. In the midst of the cold weather, we could enjoy the fatness of the egg and the sweetness of the bones.
  4. Congee porridge
    The bowl of rice porridge is very attractive, the attractive aroma of yellow flower glutinous rice mixed with fragrant fragrant rice is grown on the ground to cook smoothly, the fleshy taste of the tubers is carefully simmered and the greasy pork leg stew, the smell of aromatic leaves. spice leaves. All are made from the cultivating hands of the people of Ha Giang, giving us more love, more respect for the fruits of labor they have made.
  5. Lam Bac Me Rice
    Lam Bac Me Rice – one of the specialties of Ha Giang countryside, rice is cooked in bamboo tubes, cooked on wood stoves, extremely unique and fancy. This is also a dish that many visitors choose to bring as gifts.
  6. Grilled moss
    “Moss” – a plant that people always thought could not be eaten, yet thanks to the subtlety and creativity of the Tày people, they learned to make a very special dish called “grilled moss”. ”. People marinated moss with lemongrass, Chinese smell, chives leaves, forest pulp, salt … These ingredients will bring a unique flavor, unique characteristics. After mixing them all together, wrap the mixture in dong leaves and grill on the charcoal stove. Grilled moss smells of sae, grainy, crunchy, crispy, fleshy, … has a very special flavor. characteristic of Northwest cuisine.
  7. Five-color sticky rice
    Called five-color sticky rice because it has 5 different colors: red, yellow, blue, purple and white, all colors are taken from many different types of forest leaves. Yin and Yang and beautiful human meanings.
  8. Corn wine
    One of the specialties that cannot be missed in Ha Giang is the corn wine. , corn wine is also considered a traditional drink of Ha Giang people whenever they come to the festival.
  9. Triangular circuit cake
    Triangular circuit after harvest is dried, can be ground flour to make cakes. The cake is soft, fluffy, sweet and fleshy and a special gift that visitors should enjoy when coming to the Ha Giang stone plateau.
    In addition, Ha Giang is also famous for tea San Tuyet, Apple Meo, Thanh Ha honey, seedless persimmon, Old Rice Dui Xin Man, ….. all very suitable for tourists to buy as gifts.

Nightlife in Ha Giang

Nightlife does not seem to be Ha Giang’s strength when you come here. However, coming to Ha Giang, you can not miss the night market in Meo Vac with main areas such as souvenir sales area and typical typical products of Meo Vac, beverage, barbecue, food court. , cultural and arts organization area on Saturday evenings and holidays. The fair opened not too serious about the commercial activities, daytime schooling, farming, cultivation, at night they gathered to the market, performed special traditional performances, imbued with the cultural characteristics of the people. upland for visitors to admire and better understand the beauty of human life here. Guests are immersed in the joyful, bustling and extremely hospitable atmosphere of the people in the area. The fair is also a way for local people to communicate the traditions of their village, beautifying their homeland. Can say to Ha Giang without going to the night market is a waste of a lifetime.


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